Representing Workers In Wage And Hour Claims

You should be paid for the work you do. However, some employers engage in tactics, both subtle and egregious, that result in employees being underpaid or not even paid at all. In these situations it is important to seek help from skilled legal counsel to help ensure that you recover the wages you are owed, plus other damages.

How Are Employees Taken Advantage Of?

Some of the ways that employers underpay their workers include:

  • Misclassification, or classifying workers who should be paid hourly as salaried employees, making those employees ineligible to receive overtime pay
  • Refusing to pay overtime
  • Refusing to reimburse employees for business expenses
  • Paying employees less than minimum wage
  • Violating work break laws
  • Illegally withholding wages

Some workers may feel that it is not worth their time to pursue legal action against their employer. However, if an employer is in violation of wage and hour laws against one employee, there are likely others who are also affected. If enough employees are willing to come forward, it may be possible to file a class action suit to ensure that everyone recovers the wages to which they are entitled. Our lawyers can help explore your options for moving forward.

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